Detailed Probate And Estate Administration Representation

Most people have little or no experience navigating the complex Florida Probate Code at a time when it is thrust upon them during a time of mourning. At The Law Offices of Robert Craig Wallach, P.A., in Coconut Creek, attorney Robert Wallach understands what you are going through.

Outside his legal profession, he has lost loved ones and has witnessed the tensions that administering an estate can create among close relatives. He is determined to help families through the difficult probate and estate administration process to allow his clients and their family members to move forward together.

Let Robert Wallach Guide You Through The Complicated Probate Process

Probating a will, or administering an estate in the absence of a will can be overwhelming for those left behind. Robert is fully prepared to guide you through every aspect of estate administration to keep the process running smoothly and efficiently, including:

  • Locating the will, if any
  • Analyzing whether formal administration or summary administration of the estate is the appropriate path
  • Working with the courts to ensure that proper personal representative is appointed
  • Administering any trusts associated with the estate
  • Marshalling and inventorying assets
  • Addressing debts of the estate
  • Distributing assets to heirs and beneficiaries
  • Addressing estate tax matters

Many out-of-state residents own real property in Florida. Robert works well with lawyers from other states to efficiently address ancillary probate proceedings in Florida.

Meet With A Caring Lawyer Who Is Prepared To Get You Through A Difficult Time

To work with a focused probate and estate administration attorney, please call 877-270-7505 or send a message online to request a confidential consultation. You can rest assured that you will meet with a compassionate lawyer with the knowledge and experience to get you through this difficult time.