Writing A Will Is A True Gift For Your Loved Ones

If you do not write a will, or create an estate plan, a judge who does not know your family will determine how to distribute your assets after you pass away under the Florida Probate Code. Many people view writing a will as something that is only of concern for the very wealthy. In reality adults from all walks of life, and at all of life's stages, can benefit from creating an individual estate plan. Florida estates planning and wills lawyer Robert Craig Wallach is passionate about helping clients obtain peace of mind that their wishes will be followed should an unexpected occur.

The most basic part of an estate plan is a will. Setting forth your wishes concerning how you want your wealth to be distributed is frequently what most people understand as the main focus of a will. A will also serves an important function for those you leave behind. Telling your family how you want your assets distributed can send a positive message.

Wills Can Protect Family Relations

In some situations, assets that have sentimental value to your loved ones can create strife and tension among your heirs and beneficiaries — even if the monetary value is not self-evident. Robert works with clients to ensure that the details that can cause future disputes are addressed in an estate plan to help preserve memories and family relations into the future. In other circumstances, you may be estranged from a close relative. A will can express your desires to transfer your assets on an individualized basis.

willstrustsYour estate plan may require a combination of legal instruments and trusts, or a more basic plan to achieve your goals. Robert does the hard work necessary to ensure that the best interests of his clients are served. He creates cost-efficient plans, finely-tuned to the needs of each client. In addition to a will, common basic estate planning documents include:

  • Last will and testament: A will is a loving gift to your family that allows you to decide for yourself how you want your assets distributed after you pass away. Parents can also name who they want to raise their minor children in a will.
  • Durable power of attorney: Should you become unable to speak for yourself due to a medical emergency or accident, you can name a trusted individual to handle your financial affairs on your behalf and help your family avoid the costs of creating a guardianship.
  • Health care surrogate: Florida law allows you to create an advance directive appointing an agent to make health care decisions on your behalf should you be unable to do so for yourself.
  • Living wills: You can let your family and doctors know your true desires concerning end of life decisions and the use of artificial means to extend your life in a Florida living will.

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