Who Needs An Estate Plan?

Having an estate plan in place is an important way for you to protect your family, your legacy and the memories you share with your loved ones. Adults of any age can benefit from having a personalized plan in place. For many, basic estate planning does not have to be complex, or expensive. A well-crafted plan, however, must directly address your unique interests, family dynamics and goals.

The Law Offices of Robert Craig Wallach, P.A., is a client-centered law firm that works closely with both large and closely held business owners and other high net worth individuals whose estates would be subject to significant estate taxes. Attorney Robert Wallach has experience as a financial analyst and holds masters degrees in both finance and tax law. His business acumen is especially helpful for clients who have an interest in a business or professional associated plan for the future with a plan that works cohesively with business succession concerns.

Estate Planning Is Important For All Of Life's Stages

In reality, any adult needs to have an estate plan in place. A sudden tragedy or medical emergency can leave you unable to make or communicate your health care decisions to doctors and family members. EPParents of minor children need to have an estate plan to have a voice in the well-being of their children should tragedy strike, taking the lives of the parents. Single individuals can direct how their assets should be distributed. For blended families, estate planning concerns can be especially complex.

Creating an estate plan early, while you are in good health, will give you many more options to preserve your legacy for future generations. You need to know that estate planning is important throughout your adult life. Leaving a detailed road map about your true wishes is a true gift to preserve your legacy for your loved ones.

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