Understanding Trusts To Protect Your Legacy

Trusts are valuable estate planning tools, when chosen to perform the right tasks. The Law Offices of Robert Craig Wallach, P.A., based in Coconut Creek, is dedicated to helping clients understand what each kind of estate planning instrument can and cannot do. Choosing the proper tools in your estate plan will give you peace of mind that your interests are properly served without unnecessary add-on and frills.

Rely On A Skilled Lawyer With Financial, Business And Tax Law Experience

Attorney Robert Craig Wallach is experienced and resourceful in protecting clients' wealth, legacies and futures. He has master's degrees in both finance and tax law and a background as a financial analyst. He draws on his business and legal experience to advise organizations and individuals needing quality tax planning, trust formation and other services related to estate planning and administration.

A trust may often be the best choice to protect assets to the greatest extent possible under the law. Protecting substantial property and assets for heirs and future generations is a common focus of trust law. In many cases, the best solution for this aspect of estate planning is a carefully planned, well-drafted trust.

Estate planning and trusts lawyer Robert Wallach has the financial, tax and business know-how to explore every avenue to achieve the most desired goals of clients. For instance, in complex estates, creating a family limited partnership may be an appropriate choice and may be used in conjunction with a land trust or other legal vehicle to limit exposure of the asset to taxes and creditors.

When you work with the firm, you can learn the value and proper use of many types of trust, including, but not limited to:

  • QPRT trusts, usually used to discount the taxable value for gift tax purposes
  • Charitable trusts
  • Land trusts
  • Special needs trusts to preserve access to government benefits for a loved one with special needs
  • Revocable trusts
  • Irrevocable trusts

Personal Attention Is The Foundation To Crafting An Appropriate Plan

Robert takes the time to thoroughly analyze not only his clients' asset structures, but also the goals and family dynamics involved. Reducing estate taxes, avoiding or reducing probate costs and protecting assets from creditors are all real reasons to consider using a trust in your estate plan.

Selecting the appropriate tools is vital to achieving optimal estate planning results. He will explain the costs, benefits and purposes of each legal instrument to allow you to fully understand your estate plan. When real estate is involved, Robert's knowledge of Florida real property fortifies his ability to assess the legal options available to achieve goals.

Get A Free Initial Consultation To Understand If A Trust Is Right For You

To learn how Robert's diverse background in finance, tax law, probate, real estate and business can be your advantage in putting together the right tools to directly serve your estate planning goals, call 877-270-7505 or contact the firm online now. The main office is located in Coconut Creek. Robert can also arrange to meet you in his office in West Palm Beach. The firm serves clients in Broward County and the surrounding areas.